Saturday, May 20, 2006

One more step forward

Well our letter of intent went to China on May 12. We should get our pre-approval in about 6 weeks or so. Our homestudy will be done this weekend. Then our next step is to be fingerprinted by the CIS. Then we will wait for the precious 171-h. It is a form that gives us permission to bring Evan home. Some have waited lately as long as 3-4 months. We got our last one in 3 weeks. Everyone say a special prayer that we will not have to wait very long this time. That one paper is the one thing that could possibly put us very much later getting Evan than we expect.
We got new pictures of him this week. They are very cute. We spend a lot of time looking at them and dreaming of the day we will finally have him in our arms where he belongs.Mira loves to look at them and laugh and say "Ev Ev Ev" or "Bro Bro Bro" I know she doesn't understand what is about to happen to her world though Ha Ha.

I can't wait to share Evan's pics with you all!! As soon as I get that PA he will be all over this blog!!!